The Denver Roadies- Designated Driver Service

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Designated drivers use scooters to get you and your car home
Hendrik Sybrandy | Reporter KDVR Denver 8:21 a.m. MST, December 21, 2010

DENVER -- Holiday revelers in Denver who've perhaps had one drink too many now have a new option for getting back home safely. Denver Roadies will drive you in your own car back to your house.

Their "designated driver" will then leave on a motor scooter he's folded up in your car trunk.

"So far people love it," said Casey Bobay, who began the service this past summer. "We're a fun group of guys so it's a fun ride home. The convenience of it is fantastic."

Bobay was looking for an alternative to the traditional cab ride home, which forces customers to leave their vehicles in a bar area overnight. He found it when he noticed a widespread use of scooters on a trip to London.

Denver Roadies charges $20 for the initial pickup and then $2 a mile after that. Bobay said Monday it's more expensive than a one-way cab fare but much cheaper than a round-trip and "outrageously cheaper than a D.U.I."

One man on the 16th Street Mall said this is a service he may use in the future.

"Sounds like a clutch thing to me," said Ben Turner. "I'd like to use that, definitely."

Bobay, who pioneered the use of pedicabs in downtown Denver, said his new company averages a customer or two a night. He said Thanksgiving Eve was his busiest night, with 12 customers. He expects New Year's Eve to be busier still.

"We're hoping a lot of people make the right decision and give us a call and let us take them home," he said. "Bring in the New Year in the right way."